First Fire

Wind is up, temperature down (around 45-50 degrees now), power out for the second time today. Our heat is electric, as is our whole kitchen, so we won’t be settling in with hot chocolate and warm cookies — but the former owners left us with a spotless fireplace and sizable wood pile, so today I made our first fire! It’s doing a pretty good job heating the house. I’ll just have to keep Sofia away, since we don’t have a screen for it. Hopefully the house doesn’t get too cold tonight as we anticipate our first frost. IMG_1147.JPG

Ripe Grapes!

Our green Concord grapes are ripe! Until we moved here, I didn’t even know Concord grapes could be green. But here they are. Deliciously sweet, with that distinctive Concord flavor. They’re slightly translucent and exquisitely juicy. When we step out our back door onto our stone patio, the sweet scent wafts from the arbor like a soft breeze from Heaven. Plans: grape jelly and wine. Stay tuned!