All About Buying, Starting and Saving Vegetable Garden Seeds

This article on saving seeds caught my eye. I like the idea of that level of self-sufficiency. I like thinking about the plants in my garden, and the food we eat, coming entirely from our own plants, with no in-between seed purchases. Something to think about.

Old World Garden Farms

Ever since last Sunday’s Farm Update article on our Top 8 Vegetable Plants, (see: 8 Must-Grow Varieties ) our inbox has been inundated with questions about our seed starting, growing and saving process.

Some of our heirloom seeds from Baker Creek Some of our heirloom seeds from Baker Creek

Every question from where do we get our seeds – to when and how we start them indoors – to how and what seeds we save from year to year.  So we thought we would take today’s farm update to share our seed saving and growing process, and help to answer some of the questions that have been coming in to the blog.  We have also included links in each section to more in-depth articles on each topic. So here we go:

How and Where Do You Buy Your Heirloom and Organic Seeds?

Probably the most asked question to our email inbox and blog last week was “Where do you buy…

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