Do you know what today is?!?!?!

November 5th came and went, and I had no idea I was missing National Donut Day. Despite this oversight, I may just try making The Pioneer Woman ‘s donuts anyway. They look delicious.

My Adventures in Dinner Time

I know you’re thinking, “um, duh… it’s Wednesday November 5th…”, and yes, it is.  But it’s also National Donut Day!!!  Did you know such a thing exists?  I didn’t until today, and now…. well now I REALLY want a donut.  And I can explain and rationalize my desire for a fried, sugar coated treat, because it’s National Donut Day… it’s allowed, right?  Shhhh, just go with it.  It’s a chilly day here and my son is still sleeping, so I won’t be running out to grab some delicious glazed donuts any time soon (grrrrrr), but in my donut frenzy I came upon this recipe by the Pioneer Woman (of whom I am a completely geeky fan, like seriously, she’s awesome).

I have never made donuts before, never even considered it… and while I may not make them today (feeling a little under the weather), I will have to make them…

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