Bonneville Hatchery

This is one of the most beautiful fall weekends we’ve had yet. Anticipating sunshine, we decided to take a drive east toward the Columbia Gorge. One of our favorite stops is Multnomah Falls, or Bridal Veil. But on a sunny weekend, it can be so busy and crowded that you spend more time avoiding stepping on strangers’ toes and protecting small bodies from being jostled than you do walking the trail or admiring the misty waterfall. So we chose to go about fifteen minutes past the falls, to the Bonneville hatchery. A friend had recommended it several times, and we thought we ought to see what it was like.

Turns out, it was perfect for a morning stroll with a small family. Sofia was completely content snuggled up in her Ergo carrier, and Niko was gratifyingly wowed by the giant sturgeon that glided inches from his nose. “Is that a SHARK?” he shouted.

One thing I love about Oregon is the bright array of fall colors. The hatchery is designed to encourage strolling, and the bright oranges, reds, and yellows reflected in the peaceful streams and ponds were beautiful.

And, since we got a fairly early start, we still have the whole afternoon to relax and work at home. Who knows, maybe I’ll finish freeing my root bound water lilies!